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Definition: Travelpolitans





adjective: travelpolitans. 1. A group of people who travel often and are familiar with and at ease in many different countries and cultures.



Travelpolitans is an eventful travel docu-series that chronicle the excursions of an unusual travel blogger turned travelpreneur (i.e. tour guide) named Aspen Powers. He takes people to various parts of the world to dispel the Great American Passport Myth and to have awe-inspiring experiences.


Today, travel is still used as a valid rite of passage such as graduating college, going on a honeymoon, vacationing with friends and family or as an indiscriminate method of soul searching. While the cast is exploring these destinations viewers will be introduced to a new culture, discover the political climate and pop culture as Aspen takes the cast to historically epic locations, taste new foods, visit opulent venues and see the glamorous and not so glamorous lifestyle of being a Travelpolitan.


Watch the stories of some of the most beloved people as they go on their personal journey, live like a local countryman and share some of their awe-inspiring experiences. This series is filmed in New Haven, Connecticut, New York City, Iceland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland.



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David Rousseau