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January 2, 2018, New Haven, CT - We’re heading to NATPE Miami, the leading global marketplace for television and platform executives. NATPE stands for National Association of Television Program Executives and is one of the largest international programming conferences in the world, attracting everyone from acquisition executives looking to buy or invest in new programs to production companies and programming content distributors around the globe to make deals and share the international conversation.


Miami sits at the nexus of this market, taking place in January to kick off the year with the biggest deals in content. According to Variety Apple has earmarked $1 billion in spending on original entertainment over the next year and Facebook just may match Apple’s spending, Netflix and Amazon currently spend far more on content — in the neighborhood of $6 billion and $4.5 billion, respectively — as does HBO (around $2 billion annually). 


“We’ll be meeting friends and associates to sell our television projects -specifically Season One of Travelpolitans which are (10 episodes at 60 minutes per episode) about a travelpreneur who takes a cast of nine strong, interesting and fascinating people to Iceland, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Sweden to dispel the Great American Passport Myth. This series is cinematically shot in beautiful historically epic locations, intertwined with compelling and emotional stories and is directed by David Rousseau and is Co-Produced by True North (Iceland) to be distributed worldwide” says Chairman and CEO Aspen Powers. 


Vargo Media will be represented at the NATPE 2018 conference in Miami, Florida by Aspen Powers, the CEO of Vargo Media. Mr. Powers says “I’m looking forward to meeting and networking with top programming executives and getting deals done.



About Vargo Media

Vargo Media is an integrated new media entertainment and technology company, principally engaged in developing, financing, marketing, producing and licensing the sale of lifestyle-orientated content providing primarily travel, home, food, music and other lifestyle-related programming for global audiences. 


Director David Rousseau

Director David Rousseau

director david rousseau signs ON to direct a new travel tv series


September 9, 2016, New Haven, Connecticut – Television director David Rousseau of Creative Seen has signed on to direct a new travel television docuseries with a working title of “Travelpolitans.” This travel docuseries chronicles the excursions of an American travel blogger turned travelpreneur (i.e. tour operator) named Aspen Powers. Powers blogs can be read at Powers takes people with him from America to various parts of the world to dispel the Great American Passport Myth and to have awe inspiring cultural experiences in amazing places.


This production is being filmed in New Haven, CT, New York City, in the countries of Iceland, Finland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark. This series is being shot as a straight-to-series production with all 12 episodes of the first season debuting all at once in 2017 with distribution options to be streamed on one of today’s most popular streaming platforms such as HULU, Amazon or Netflix.


This is not the first time that you may have heard about David Rousseau, as you may have unknowingly seen a lot of his work. Rousseau is the Miami based director known for “his eye capturing sleek imagery, bright colors and innovative graphics,” thus making him “one of today’s most sought-after directors. His work that he’s directed has been viewed over one billion times online, which amounts to six years of directing work for major labels like Sony and Universal whereby he has directed music videos for “Mr. Worldwide” aka Pitbull, Marc Anthony, Christina Aguilera to Shakira and Enrique Iglesia, Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj and Ne-Yo just to name a few. He has been nominated five times for an MTV music video award and has directed TV commercials for major brands like Post Cereals, Zumba and television networks such as TNT and ESPN.


Currently Rousseau is filming a television series for the travel/food Network with Emeril Lagasse. However, he is excited to keep working in the mode he has developed throughout his career.


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Aspen Powers

Aspen Powers

Aspen powers radio interview on WPKN 89.5 FM


February 13, 2016, Bridgeport, CT - Executive Producer and TV Host Aspen Powers stopped by the Mystery Girl Radio show Saturday afternoon to promote and chat with her about his new upcoming traveling television series titled "Aspen Powers With Travelpolitans. The definition of Travelpolitans is a group of people who travel often and are familiar with and at ease in many different countries and cultures. Aspen Powers is bringing together a cast of seven people to travel, live, work and play abroad in Iceland, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Norway in search of new foods, meet interesting and influential people, welcome different cultures and to have awe-inspiring experiences. VarGo Productions is currently in pre-production and will soon be casting, then film a straight-to-series docusoap, which has distribution opportunities to air on Netflix or HULU or Amazon.